Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Orascoptic Announces XV1 & It Is Available NOW!

Orascoptic XV1.png
The picture above is the latest "no cord" design from Orascoptic.
The system is called XV1 and it is the next generation of "all in one" systems from the company.
The idea is an improvement on their initial offering in this space which the company called Freedom.  The idea is beautiful in its simplicity.
It is surgical telescopes (frequently referred to in the trade as "loupes" but that is a misnomer) with an integrated high output LED light.  The light is actually built into the unit which means it is truly "all in one" with no separate battery and NO CORD.
The batteries are located in the cylinders at the back of the arms.  These cylinders unscrew to allow removal of the rechargeable batteries.
I've been working with these in beta since October/November and have come away mightily impressed.  The light puts out 4000 foot candles which is pretty much in what I call "The Goldilocks Zone" of not being too bright, but also not being too dark.
The on/of switch is located on the logo near the temples.  It is touch sensitive and the operator can use the back of their hand to turn off/on and cycle through low, medium, and high intensity.
The system is lightweight and incredibly well balanced.  These have become my "go to" system for magnification and have replaced my Freedom system completely.
They are available now for order.  If you are planning on being in Chicago this week at the MidWinter Meeting, you can see them in the Orascoptic booth.
After several months of continuous use, I have to say I love these!  They are Highly Recommended.


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  2. are you using these with the 4.8 loupes? I have 4.8 orascoptic loupes -i wonder if these can be retrofitted to the new XV1 system?

  3. Dentist999,
    The XV1 is a completely self contained system so I doubt that it can be retrofitted, but it never hurts to ask.

    I would suggest seeing if they have any Freedom systems left. It is similar to the XV1 only it is a self contained lighting system designed to fit over existing frames. I'd ask them about that as well.