Friday, February 1, 2013

iPad 5 Rumors Say Device will Debut in October

I tell ya, I could do an entire blog just on iPad stuff and most of that would probably be rumors.


However, since I prefer to keep the blog on tech, dental tech, and life, I'll just report the occasional rumor that I think bears repeating.


Form what I can glean from research around the Internet, the new iPad (which should be considered if not *named* the iPad 5) will be showing up in the fall.  And by the fall I mean October.


The biggest improvement in the rumor mill so far?  A new display.  This new display called IGZO from Sharp and has twice the resolution of an LCD with a 90% savings on energy.  That's right 90%.  Imagine what that could do for battery life!

For at least a couple of years, Apple has been rumored to be interested in using the technology.  As far back as the iPad 3, there was speculation it would be used, but the technology just wasn't ready for mass production then.  Now it looks like Sharp is ready.  The company had a fairly large IGZO presence at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

When you combine the 90% every savings with the fact that a 128Gb 4th gen iPad is coming next week and I know that an iPad 5 is in my future...

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