Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dr. Mark Latta Will be in Kansas City Tomorrow Lecturing for GKCDS

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If you are going to be in the Kansas City area this Friday, February 8th and you want to get some seriously great dental education, make plans to attend the GKCDS (Greater Kansas City Dental Society) meeting and listen to my good friend, Dr. Mark Latta.
Mark is an incredibly intelligent and even occasionally witty guy (hey I can make jokes, he's my friend) that is a well known research expert on dental materials.
He has worked for Dentsply early in his career, so he knows the manufacturer side of dentistry.  He's also been in private practice as well as teaching at the Creighton School of Dentistry where, for a number of years, he was in charge of research at the school.  Mark knows the materials, but more importantly, he knows the science!!!  During his career in manufacturing, Mark contributed to or was responsible for over 20 new dental product introductions.
For years, when I've needed an unbiased, science based answer on a material, he's been one of my "go to guys".
Oh, there's one other thing.  Last April, Mark became the Dean of the Creighton School of Dentistry.  You don't experience the level of success that this man has without being at top of your profession.
On a serious note, Mark is a truly great human being.  He's smart, a speaker who will hold you attention, and someone who you will listen and walk away with pages of useful information.  I'm also proud and honored to call him my friend.
This event is highly recommended!!!  Come and enjoy some great learning.  You can pay on site & I recommend getting there at 8:00 for a good seat.
The lecture is from 8:30-4:30 at the Hilton Garden Inn, Independence, MO
Cost is $295 for non-ADA member dentists, $215 for ADA member dentists, and $60 for staff.
Here is what he'll be covering:

Miracles or Myths? Evidence for New Adhesives, Resin Restoratives and Curing Devices


This presentation will focus on the evidence base for using new materials and techniques and cover the following areas: Dental Adhesives (mechanisms for bonding, proper clinical technique, “self-etching” systems, dual-cured systems) Composite Resins (new microhybrids, flowable resins, low shrinkage materials, technique tips for placement) and Dental Curing Devices (lasers, plasma arc lights, LED lights, halogen lights).

 Upon completion of this course, attendees will:


* Understand histological variances between enamel and dentin

* Compare/contrast the Total Etch Systems versus the Self Etch Adhesive Systems

* Will learn about the new so-called “nano” and low shrinkage composite resins and features and benefits

* Will learn clinical techniques for placement of anterior and posterior direct resin restorations

* Will learn the nuances regarding curing devices and factors that lead to under curing restoratives

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