Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Firefox OS Phone Could be Showing the Sony Logo in 2014

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Firefox has been a major source in the browser category for quite some time now.  The open source Mozilla project spawned the Firefox browser and has done an admirable job of keeping it relevant.  There are lots of raging fans who use Firefox every day.
However, even with all of that success and name recognition there war lots of stunned folks when Mozilla announced a few months ago that they were working on a mobile OS called Firefox OS that would be capable of running a smart phone.  With Android and iOS being the twin 800 pound gorillas in the category, many wondered what would tempt users to try Firefox instead of the well recognized names and leaders in the market.
Well now comes word from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that Sony is working with Mozilla on the possibility of a Sony built Firefox  phone in 2014.  Sony and Telefonica have developed a partnership that could put this Firefox phone into the hands of Telefonica customers.
Here is the info from the Telefonica blog:

25 February 2013, Barcelona, Spain – Telefónica and Sony Mobile Communications (“Sony Mobile”) today reinforced the strength of their commercial partnership in a multi-year agreement that confirms the operator’s ranging support for Sony Mobile’s 2013 Xperia™ Android device portfolio, as well as laying out a joint technical collaboration to explore the development of a handset running Mozilla’s Firefox OS open source mobile platform.

Sony Mobile and Telefónica are long-term partners and Sony Mobile has in the past year steadily grown its portfolio of premium Android-based smartphones available on the Telefónica network, including the Xperia™ T – aka ‘The Bond phone’ and now the acclaimed Xperia™ Zsmartphone and Xperia™ Tablet Z.

Under the terms of the agreement, Telefónica and Sony Mobile will further strengthen their partnership and investigate emerging technologies such as the Firefox OS platform to extend Sony’s premium product portfolio to a wider customer base.

“At Sony Mobile we continue to evaluate innovative technologies that can help deliver the premium user experiences that Sony’s consumers expect,” said Bob Ishida, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Head of Products Business Group, Sony Mobile Communications. “Our engineers are now working with Firefox OS Mobile and HTML5, evolving technologies which show great potential. In addition, we continue to work with our operator partners, including Telefónica, on a development project with an ambition to bring a product to market in 2014.”

“Sony’s Xperia Z and Xperia Tablet Z are stunning devices that really raise the bar when it comes to the premium smartphone and tablet segment- and we’re delighted to be partnering to bring these to market across a number of our global channels,” commented Marieta del Rivero, Group Devices Director, Telefónica. He continued:

“As well as the great opportunity we have in 2013, our further collaboration around a possible device on the Firefox OS mobile platform will create the opportunity to reach new segments of the market, allowing us to provide an even wider choice of premium Sony device offerings for our customers.”

Firefox OS marks a significant milestone for the industry, enabling for the first time devices to be manufactured to totally open web standards. It will provide customers with a rich, open and dynamic smartphone experience.

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