Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thanks to All at the Rocky Mountain Dental Conference

I've just returned home from the Rocky Mountain Dental Conference in Denver.
The RMDC is a great meeting.  It's very well run and the Denver Convention Center is a really nice venue to have a meeting.
If  you ever get a chance to attend, this is a really great regional meeting.  Denver is a beautiful city, the people are friendly, and heck it was 65 degrees when I got there!  Add to that the fact that you are about 1 hour away from world class skiing and it makes it one of those "must get to" dental meetings.  I'll be back in 2014 and I think this time I'll plan on heading to Keystone for a few days on the slopes after I'm done!
i did 2 lectures there and had an absolute blast.  We discussed "Day to Day Technology to Improve Your Practice" and "Cone Beam Imagining and  How It Is Changing Dentistry".  The folks who attended had great questions and even managed to laugh at my jokes.  I love questions when I'm lecturing and these folks had some really good ones.  All in all it was a really great time.  I just wish I could've stayed longer.  Unfortunately, one hour after I was done, I was in a cab heading to the airport.  Such is the life on the road that I lead.
If you get a chance to make the RMDC, do it!  You won't be sorry!


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  2. You are right. Such meeting can enhance the knowledge of a dentist in Denver in providing the best care for his or her patients. It is also a good way to relax and share some quality time with other dentists.