Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It Happens to All of Us...

Sometimes patients tend to think that those of us in the profession of dentistry have it a little bit easier when it comes to dental problems.


Often we hear comments about a staff member's perfect smile and how dentistry just seems to be saturated with beautiful white teeth, perfectly straight, zero defects.


I know it can appear that way, but trust me when I say that dental problems can happen to anyone.  Want a true story?  Good!


Today we were holding our morning staff organizational meeting.  Every morning, before seeing patients we go over the day's schedule and make sure that everything is set to ensure that things go according to plan, waits are minimized, instruments are in place, etc.  It's a nice 15 minutes that gives us a chance to help make sure that everyone seen that day has the best experience possible.


Today, during the organizational meeting, I was having a snack while we reviewed all the details.  Suddenly I noticed something a miss in my mouth.  It seems a piece of porcelain had sheared from my upper left second premolar.  The resulting sharp edge was no picnic and neither was not having a slot to put me  in today.  We ended up smoothing the rough spot to get me by and I'll have to have the porcelain removed & replaced in the not too distant future.


So don't despair as it happens to us all.  I only wish it didn't...


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