Thursday, January 3, 2013

iOS Do Not Disturb Will Self Correct After January 7th

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Here's a bug that is showing up in iOS 6 devices. 
One of those neat little features of iOS is the "Do Not Disturb" function.  It's simple, but a nice thing to have.  In a nutshell it allows you to leave your phone on while disabling it's notification features.
If  you've ever been in a hotel room with your phone charging and been awakened at 3:00 am with a random text message, you know why this function is such a nice thing to have.
Basically the function turns the device onto its "Silent Mode" for the times between "From" and "To".  Information & calls still come in, you just don't hear any audible indication of them.  It's great for not wanting to miss anything and also not wanting to miss sleep.
However, since January 1 a bug has been noticed and acknowledged by Apple in the "Do Not Disturb" function.  It seems that the function is not turning off at its indicated "To" time.  That means your device will start "Do Not Disturb" at the indicated time, but it won't wake back up from it.
Fortunately for me, I charge my phone in the kitchen and just put it on vibrate when I'm on the road.  That means I'm completely bypassing the whole "Do Not Disturb" fiasco.  Maybe you should too...
Or maybe, just maybe software should do what it says it does!  What a concept.

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  1. Do not disturb function helped me get a good nights sleep... before it I was woken up many times during the night.
    Recently I overslept because the alarm was not ringing due to the do not disturb function. Showing one hour late to work and having to reschedule patients is drag :(

    Modri zob