Saturday, January 12, 2013

DentalEZ® Group Redesigns its Corporate Website

Malvern, PA - (January 8, 2013) -DentalEZ® Group, a supplier of innovative products and services for dental health professionals worldwide, is pleased to start out 2013 by unveiling its recently redesigned corporate website,   


The new website is now updated with a fresh new modern look and includes effortless navigation links and numerous new options for a more interactive and productive user experience. The site incorporates and details all of the company’s product brands including StarDental®, CustomAir®, RAMVAC®, DentalEZ® and NevinLabs.   


Each product in the DentalEZ family now has its own dedicated page that includes an image gallery plus an associated page with documents that further detail the product including literature, manuals, and photos.


A new Dealer Center was also added for quick and easy access to tools that dealers frequently use including product literature, order tracking, an expanded “How To” section that provides video demonstrations and technical manuals, and access to all monthly dealer mailing documents with the option to sign up for DentalEZ’s monthly eNewsletter dedicated exclusively to dealers.   


In addition, a new Connect section has been added that allows visitors many different avenues to contact the company and interact with appropriate DentalEZ staff and executives including a dealer/rep search, eNewsletter sign-up, literature request, office locations, demonstration request forms, warranty registration, and convenient customer service access for all DentalEZ brands, government agencies and those in need of international support.   


Visitors can now also access and view the DrPractice by DentalEZ® blog directly from the main website to read up on the latest DentalEZ product information and offerings, current events and industry news.


“We wanted to provide all professionals who are interested in DentalEZ products and services a more useful and productive experience,” remarked VP of Marketing for DentalEZ Randy Arner.  “With the new website, our current customers and dealers are now equipped with truly advantageous tools to learn more about our products and our many expanding services and capabilities, and to get in touch with us more often. I think the new DentalEZ site better showcases our unique company culture, quality-focused business philosophy and offers a more interactive experience.”  


The new is intended to be a regular destination for clients, prospects, business partners and journalists who are interested in the latest dental product and equipment news.  


For more information and a tour of the new website, please visit  



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