Tuesday, January 22, 2013

CAO Gadgets Help You Track Your Stuff

CAO Gadget.jpg
We all have limitations with our memories.  It seems that the faster our lives move, that the more information we are forced to process, that the more help we need remembering things.  It's a simple matter of storage.  The mind is like a bucket and the bucket has a limited capacity.  If you begin to fill it with water, at some point in becomes full and as you add more water the excess begins to spill over the sides and is lost.
It's pretty much the same with our brains & information.  The more you try and squeeze into it, the more is squeezed out & lost.  Because of that, many people are looking for car keys, phones, gadgets, pets, you name it.
To help with all the clutter of info in our lives, the CAO group is creating wireless sensor tags that can monitor lots of different things in your life within lots of different parameters.  These sensors can be attached to lots of different items and measure things like movement, temp, and angulation.  When these parameters change, to settings that you indicate, the devices contact you via your Android device or iOS device.  The parameters can be completely set by the user.
The little devices are only $15 each so cost isn't really an issue, which is always nice.  I could see these becoming fairly commonplace and handy.

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