Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Apple Adding 128Gb iPad to 4th Gen iPad Lineup

I was looking at the memory capacity on my now seemingly old 64Gb iPad 3 the other day and I was dismayed to see that I have over 50Gb of the memory taken.  Needless to say that's a bit depressing, but when you factor in all the apps that I use, the apps the family likes, movies, music, etc it just doesn't really take that much to start filling these things up.


That got me to thinking… if *I* can do that , what about others that are living and dying with these devices.  Some folks don't even have a notebook anymore.  They've opted instead to go with just an iPad as their primary device.


Well, to the rescue comes Apple with the announcement of the 128Gb 4th generation iPad.


It will be available on February 5th (next Tuesday) in black or white, starting at $799 for the WiFi-only model and $929 for the WiFi + Cellular version.

For those of you like me who keep managing to fill up every device you own, I'll see you in line at the store...

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