Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1-800-DENTIST Upgrades Their Services

I received some info recently from 1-800-DENTIST.  As many of you know, for years the company has been a referral system for offices looking to increase their number of new patients.
In a nutshell, a patient calls 1-800-DENTIST and the customer service rep determines their geographic location and dental problem.  Based on these, and other, factors, the rep then pairs the caller with a dentist to help the caller with their problems/needs.
I received an email from the company recently to announce they are planning on doing even more.  Now the company is expanding to include the following services.  This info is directly from the email they sent me.
PatientProducer® our flagship product, continues to help grow your patient base with new patient leads. You choose how many leads you want, pay only for the leads we generate, and your production is 100% guaranteed.

PatientActivator® sends automated patient communications via email, text and live phone call (recorded in your voice). Our award-winning software is proven to increase production, reduce no-shows and support patient loyalty.

ReputationMonitor® displays all of your practice’s patient reviews, listings and social media mentions – from hundreds of major websites – all on a single screen, allowing you to track, repair and respond to them in real-time. It’s the easy, effective way to boost your online visibility and protect your reputation in just minutes a day.

WebDirector® is our newest product, and creates dynamic dental websites, dedicated mobile sites and matching pages on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – all at one low price. There are no hidden fees for customization, social media branding, or mobile-optimization, and we provide unlimited live support at no extra charge.
ReActivator® helps you reconnect with dormant patients, unlocking the hidden production in your patient files. Our highly trained team will call your inactive patients after hours to invite them back to the practice and get them back on the schedule. Your team saves valuable time while reclaiming recurring revenue.


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