Wednesday, December 5, 2012

YouTube Releases App for iOS 6 and Returns Functionality to iPads & iPhones Everywhere

You may remember a little debacle Apple had this past autumn where they replaced Google Maps with their own Apple version when the brain trust in Cupertino released iOS 6.
The resulting problems and PR nightmare that Apple suffered through is what most people remember, but there was more to it than just Apple deciding to create and distribute their own mapping software.
In reality it was about the friction between Apple and Google which goes back to the competition the two companies are having over their mobile operating systems and who will ultimately control the smartphone market.
Because Google owns and distributes Android OS, which is in direct competition with Apple's iOS, the 2 companies keep bumping heads over allowing each other to provide apps in the other company's mobile operating system.  In June of 2012, it became known that Google Maps would no longer be used in iOS.  Now Google Maps has been pretty much the gold standard for mapping and location software for quite some time now and it came as a bit of a shock when it was no longer going to be welcome on the iPhone.
However, it wasn't just maps that got pushed out of iOS.  For years, iPods, iPhones, and iPads had all had an icon that allowed the user to run a YouTube app on iOS.  Yet, you guessed it, with the release of iOS 6, not only was Google Maps no longer there… the YouTube app also magically disappeared.  This was just one more way for Apple to keep Google out of their mobile operating system.
It's been a bit of a pain to have to use a browser to access YouTube since the iOS 6 release, but now I'm happy to tell you Google has just released a YouTube app for the iPad.  That's right, once again you have an icon on the iPad that takes you directly to YouTube just like the good ol' days.  There has been an iPhone app for a little while now, but I've been anxiously awaiting the full version for iPad.
The iPad app, of course, takes advantage of the huge iPad screen and retina display.  So… if you've been missing YouTube since the iOS 6 upgrade… rejoice!

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