Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Why Smartphone Pics Can Give You Away

Vice & McAfee.jpg
I've been following, with great interest, the adventures of John McAfee as of late.  Mr. McAfee created an antivirus software in the early days of the Internet, sold it for a princely sum, and then began living the life of a wealthy retired mogul.
A few years ago, he moved to Belize.
In the last month, he has been accused of murder in the small nation and has been on the run ever since.  He claims he has been framed and is an innocent man on the run.
Since he is a bit of a well known name in tech circles (not to mention having a reputation as a loose canon), I've been following his exploits and adventures via his blog since he has gone into hiding/running.  
In the last couple of days, 2 folks from Vice Magazine have been with Mr. McAfee and are preparing to tell his story for their magazine.  As proof they are with him, they released a photo taken with a smartphone.  However, for those of  you who don't live & drool over tech like some of us, your smartphone can keep a lot of data about your photos and the location they were taken.  That's why today, there has been a lot of speculation over the fact that Vice may well have given away their location.  I find it ironic that a man who made a great deal of money with technology may have been betrayed (or at least put at risk) by it .


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