Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ultradent Supports Local Docs with 3D Scanning for Local Patients

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Ultradent's Mission Statement is "Improving Oral Health Globally".  From my perspective as someone who treats patients as well as also having the opportunity to do research, speak, and write about the latest and greatest "leading edge" products in the field, I'm impressed by those 4 simple words.  For most of us who practice day in and day out, we truly care about our patients and while we  probably don't get an opportunity to think about it every day… we really do seek to "improve oral health locally".
We do this by constantly improving our skills through education and using the best possible products and equipment that we can.  We all working to do our little part that, overall, provides the best we can do.
When a company gets the idea to do more, they often have the resources to do just that.
Ultradent has recently made an investment that will benefit doctor's & patients in their local area of Salt Lake City and South Jordan in Utah.  The good folks at Ultradent have purchased & installed a 3D cone beam unit in their world headquarters.  They are now offering local doctors a chance to send their patients to the Ultradent Imaging Center where, for a reasonable fee, doctors can have 3D scans done on patients.  This will allow doctors to be able to have all of the benefits of 3D technology without having to purchase a machine themselves.
I have been doing the same thing from my office in Lee's Summit, MO and we have quite a few patients that are referred to us on an "as needed basis" by doctors who certainly understand the benefits of this amazing tech, but don't have the demand that would allow them to purchase a unit for themselves.
I think this is a great opportunity for doctors in the area of Ultradent to avail themselves of this service and get all of the info that CBCT  provides.
To help doctors get the grasp of the "why's and how's" of CBCT, Ultradent has asked me to come out to South Jordan and do a 1/2 day lecture covering CBCT from the perspective of the general dentist.
I'll be doing this presentation tomorrow, December 7th in the educational center at Ultradent.  I've been to the headquarters many times over the years and have watched lots of lectures in this room, but I've never ever given one there myself, so I'm excited but also just a little nervous…  :-)
If you're in the area, please give a call to 800-520-6640 and register.  We're going to have a great time and I'd love to meet you as well as help you understand this amazing technology a little bit better...

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