Saturday, December 15, 2012

Learn More about Cone Beam 3D Imaging with My 3 Part Video Series

Are you looking to really learn why 3D imaging is so important to you and your patients?  Want the low down in a no-nonsense format?  Want to learn why I chose 3D imaging and the ways I use it every day?  If so, take about 45 minutes of  your time and watch my 3 part video series.  It's free and sponsored by Gendex.
At the ADA meeting in San Francisco this past October, I was asked to sit down in front of the camera and just talk about 3D.  So… on  Thursday night at about 9:00 pm I got my chance to tell my story and discuss why I'm so passionate about 3D.
The video series is unscripted and gives me a chance to tell the story of my 3D journey as well how the technology is something that I feel all dentists should have access to and use.
It was a great session and I truly feel that after watching, you'll feel much more confident about what 3D can do and when you should consider using it.
I'm proud of the project and hope that it helps doctors and patients.

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