Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kindle FreeTime on Kindle Fire HD7"

I stumbled across this information on Amazon and just had to pass it along.
As tablets continue to expand our horizons and proliferate in usage, Amazon had brought out their Kindle device to further consumer push & pull to the online retailer.
Of course with more and more tablets being purchased, more and more homes now have them.  This means that more and more children have access to them.  Now when it comes to a PC, there are a lot of parental control programs that can keep your kids safe by limiting access to sites, the browser, etc.  However, that really isn't' something you see currently with tablets.
Kudos to Amazon who noticed this deficiency and created FreeTime for the Kindle Fire HD.  It is basically an app that allows parents to create a kid centric and kid safe environment.  That means you can turn a youngster loose with a Kindle Fire HD without concern that they may end up somewhere they really shouldn't be.  I think this is a great idea.
If you'd like the full scoop you can read all the info here.  Otherwise, below are the main points from the Amazon website.  

About Kindle FreeTime

Kindle FreeTime is an app included on Kindle Fire HD that allows parents to create a customized content experience for each of their children.


While using Kindle FreeTime, children can enjoy the content parents make available to their profile, and parents can prevent children from accessing content or features outside of their Kindle FreeTime Profile.

Parents can:
  • Choose which books, apps, games and videos they want their children to view.
  • Individually set limits on the amount of time that children can access books, videos, apps, or total screen time.
  • Create profiles for up to six children.
  • Prevent children from accessing content or features outside of their Kindle FreeTime Profile.
Kids can:
  • See content in a kid-friendly interface and see their recently viewed content on the Home screen carousel.
  • Add items to Favorites, and view Favorites by tapping the star on their Home screen.
  • Navigate visually to content based on characters or topics - for example "Cinderella," "Dinosaurs," or "Puppies." These categories are dynamically generated from the content you choose to include in your child's profile.

Note: Kindle FreeTime is available exclusively in the Apps library on Kindle Fire 2nd Generation and Kindle Fire HD. It is not available for Kindle Fire 1st Generation.

FreeTime vs. Parental Controls

  • Parental Controls allow you to restrict access to purchasing, content viewing, web browsing and other features on your Kindle Fire by requiring a password for access. For more information, see Setting Parental Controls.
  • Kindle FreeTime provides a personalized content viewing experience for up to six children. Each child sees only the content (books, videos and apps) added by you. Kids cannot exit Kindle FreeTime without the Parental Controls password.

Kindle FreeTime also:

  • Blocks access to the web browser
  • Blocks access to browsing and purchasing in the Amazon content stores
  • Disables location-based services
  • Disables social sharing (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Disables GameCircle
  • Requires entry of a password to turn wireless connectivity on or off
  • Requires entry of a password to make in-app purchases

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