Friday, December 28, 2012

Google+ Now Storing Mobile Photos to your Google+ Account at *Full Size* for Android Users

I remember several years ago when the convergence of devices was starting to happen.  At the time, when I was on the road I would routinely carry a phone, a camera, and a music/entertainment device of some type.


Phones, at least the very high end ones, had cameras, but they were poor and the very good ones had either 1024 x 768 or 640 x 480 resolution.  Needless to say, they were ok for documenting what you were seeing, but really not good for much else.  


The phones also had memory and the ability to store music, however, the combination of very little memory (due to expense) as well as battery life made the music option dicey.  If I used my phone for music on a flight, I could get 2 or 3 hours of music, but by the time I landed my battery was toast and, God forbid if I needed to make a call, I was completely out of juice and in desperate need of a charge.


Consequently, I traveled with a nice high quality Canon camera that took stunning photos as well as video.  It fit in the palm of my hand and because it was used rarely, it was always ready when I called on it.  I also traveled with my beloved black Video iPod.  It had a 60GB hard drive and could store movies.  That meant that I could actually watch the movie of my choice while I whistled through the atmosphere at 35,000 feet.  Sometimes when I landed, the battery was in the red, but my  phone was still pushing over 90% battery life and everything was good.


I remember having a discussing with my pal Justin during these days and he was excitedly looking forward to the days when one device would do it *all* and I kept arguing for the status quo so that I *never* had to worry about battery life when I was on the road.


Well those days are long gone and I've got to admit that Justin was right.  Now when I hop on a plane I'm not carrying my iPod and my Canon camera.  I'm carrying my iPhone 5 with a camera that has a resolution of 3264 x 2448, a 64GB storage capacity, and a battery that is very impressive.  Because of all that, I now have eliminated those "other" devcies and now just carry the iPhone.  In fact, for many folks their mobile phone is now their go-to device for running their lives.


I won't go into all the details because you know them too well, but we are using the phone to do just about everything we need when we're not at our desk.  Matter of fact, most folks under 30 prefer their phone to an actual computer (I actually had a link to a study on that, but alas I lost the link).


Now with the convergence of The Cloud we are seeing storage moving to a mobile option as well.  I love taking photos and because of that I will always take & back up my pics, but for those who are using the phone to record their lives, the idea of a phone is a great way to do just that.


That's why I was excited to see that Google, through their Google+ service is now offering users storage of their pics at full size through Google+ if you are an Android user.  The first 5GB are free & then after that users will have to buy more storage which will cost $2.49/month for 25GB of storage.  Since Android is the most popular mobile OS, this is a great treat for users.


Here is the info straight from Google:


About Instant Upload


By enabling Instant Upload, photos and videos you take on your mobile device are automatically uploaded to a private album on Google+. These photos and videos uploaded using Instant Upload are only accessible by you via the web, or your mobile device, until you choose to share them.

Instant Upload on iOS

Photos uploaded using Instant Upload will be resized so the image does not exceed 2048 pixels in length on any side.

Learn more:

Instant Upload on Android

Photos uploaded using Instant Upload are stored, by default, as full size resolution photos. You can choose whether you'd like your Instant Upload photos stored at full size or standard size resolution at anytime by adjusting your settings. Learn more about photo quality and storage options for Instant Upload photos and videos.

Learn more:

Instant Upload album on desktop

The Instant Upload album is a private web album. Photos are only visible to you unless you choose to share them. To view your uploaded photos in the Instant Upload album on the web or in the app, go to  Photos > Instant Upload. Learn more about how to share Instant Upload photos and videos.

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