Friday, December 14, 2012

Google Maps is Back on iOS - Users Rejoice

Google Maps Screenshot.jpg
The release of iOS 6 was supposed to be the next big thing for Apple.  The new operating system would bring all of their compatible devcies a new engine and it would usher in the release of the iPhone 5.  The key word in the previous sentence is supposed.

What iOS 6 did instead was to give users Apple's map software and remove Google Maps.  That was one of the worst mistakes that the Cupertino Crew has ever pulled off.  Their mapping software was nowhere ready to be released and fans and critics alike lambasted Apple for a terrible piece of software.  It was so bad, that some users even put off downloading and installing iOS 6 jus to keep using Google Maps.
Well all that is in the past now.  This week, Google released in iOS 6 compatible version of their mapping software and it is already the #1 download in the App Store.
The free download brings all the Google goodness back to a mapping software and allows people fed up with the Apple maps fiasco to completely do away with the Apple app and go back to using the hands down best mapping software on the planet.
I've already installed and tinkered with the app & I can tell you that it is as good as I remembered.  There is currently no iPad versions available, but you can download the iPhone version and run it on your iPad.
Head to the App store and get it now!  Everyone else is...

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