Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Brtdge iPad Accessory Brings Laptop-like Functions to Apple's Tablet

iPad Brydge.png
If you have an iPad, you already know the advantages of the slick little tablet.  Many of us are now carrying some type of tablet routinely… instead of a laptop.
Of course, as with most things in life, improvements come along, but sometimes the old way "is just better".  So it can be with the laptop and the tablet.  I still use both devices.  The iPad is definitely my preferred "on the go" device and even when I'm on the road, if I am not giving a presentation or lecture, the MacBook Pro stays home.
However, there are things, like typing, that are easier on a true keyboard than they are on the soft touch virtual keyboard of the iPad.  Many people I've spoken with over the past 3 years say they wish there was a way they could get more laptop like functionality out of their iPad, but only when they wanted it.  
Well, the Brydge is ready to help with those problems.  The device is an iPad accessory that basically converts the iPad into a laptop.  It is an aerospace-grade aluminum keyboard and hinge that connects to the iPad and creates a laptop-like form factor.  Depending on the model, the Brydge can also have integrated speakers that play music from the iPad, and when folded closed it protects the screen.
The keyboard connects via Bluetooth.

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