Thursday, November 22, 2012

What I'm Thankful for 2012 Edition

Every year I like to sit down and think about the things that I really have to be thankful for.  We all have so many things to be thankful for and I think it's important that at least once a year we sit down to think about how blessed we truly are.   Here's what I'm thankful for in 2012 although the list is hardly inclusive

  • My God, for blessing me abundantly with, well… everything.  You are truly amazing and I can't begin to even articulate my love for you.
  • My family.  You put up with me when I'm not at my best and deal with me being gone more than you would like.  You make me smile, laugh, and cry with unbridled joy.  Other than God, there is nothing more important to me and I love you with all of my being.  I never thought I'd be so happy and so proud all at the same time.  Thanks for putting up with me and for allowing me to help you.  Every day I'm amazed that I get to spend my life with you and I'm truly, truly grateful for that.
  • My Mom & my Dad: You never doubted me for a moment.  You stuck with me during times that I needed someone the most.  You gave and helped and guided.  I am the luckiest son on the planet and I am forever grateful.
  • My patients: I had the calling to be a dentist at the age of 3.  It is truly the only thing I ever really wanted to do.  Thanks to you, I get to be lucky enough to fulfill that lifelong dream each day I go to my office.  Thanks for your trust and your friendship.
  • The office team: Quite simply you all are the best office staff in the world.  My career is made so much easier by your support and hard work.  Thanks for all you do and for always being there for me!
  • Don: A better friend cannot be had.   Thanks for everything.  I'm glad we finally got to enjoy some baseball games together this summer. The All Star Game was amazing!
  • Barry & Audrey: We are separated by great distances due to geography, but  we are always close in our thoughts and prayers.
  • The Royals: Watching Moose dive after ground balls at third and watching Alex Gordon run down balls in left are still onto of the best ways to enjoy a summer night.
  • Thais and all the gang at Advanstar: Thanks for giving me a home for my writing.  I truly enjoy being a part of the DPR family and I want you to know that.
  • Finally, to you: To those of you who read this blog, read my articles, come to the lectures and provide support for all of my writing, teaching, lectures, videos, etc.  I am truly blessed that I get to have 2.5 full time jobs and that I love all of it.  Your feedback and attendance is appreciated more than I can tell you.

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