Sunday, November 4, 2012

Want the Sci-Fi Robot You Grew up Watching?

Robby The  Robot.jpg
As a technology loving geeky guy, I cut my teeth on science fiction.  However, it was also a blast growing up in the 60's which allowed me to be exposed to NASA, the "space race" (and all that it entailed), Lost in Space, and lots of other science and science fiction.
I was always fascinated with robots and, quite honestly, wanted one for my very own.  I always loved "The Robot" on Lost in Space and my favorite of all time is pictured above.  For those of you with less geekieness in your genes, that photo is Robby the Robot who starred in Forbidden Planet in the 1950's.
There are lots of Robby replicas out there.  Some from the 50's are actually worth a fair amount of cash considering it's just a kids toy.
However, now there is a way that, if you really, really want it, you can have a real life sized replica of Robby or many other classic robots from science fiction.
Fred Barton productions manufactures and sells full size replicas of robots for purchase.  Mr. Barton who is just about my age, grew up in the same sic-fi filled world that I did.  Only, instead of dreaming of fixing teeth, he grew up dreaming of fixing robots.  The replicas he creates are amazing and literally could appear in movies.  These things aren't cheap but no corners have been cut.
Take a look at his website and then get out your credit card.  My wife is currently holding mine hostage...

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