Friday, November 9, 2012

Voco Introduces Grandio®SO Inlay System

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The folks at Voco call themselves "The Dentalists" and they make some very nice products for those of us who work "in the trenches" of clinical practice.


I've been fortunate enough to know many of the good people at Voco for a few years now and I've found them to be good people that also happen to have good products.


Their latest new and  exciting product is GrandioSO® Inlay System.  It's a restorative system designed for fabrication of indirect composite inlays.  It's a complete "inlay in a box" system that comes with everything required.  If you are looking for a reliable way to fabricate aesthetic inlays in your office without the need to have the restoration fabricated by a dental laboratory, you really should check this out.


Here is all the info from the company's press release:


Equipment and lab free chairside inlays in one appointment


VOCO is introducing with the GrandioSO Inlay System the very first chairside inlay system of its kind. The all-in-one solution kit offers all the matching components to fabricate 15 indirect composite inlays. The chairside fabrication of indirect composite inlays is quick and easy and saves the cost of expensive CAD cam equipment or lab bills. 


GrandioSO Inlay kit achieves the same high quality as lab or cad-cam produced composite inlays. Composite inlays have several advantages over ceramic inlays such as similar wear to natural teeth, better aesthetics, repairable and easy to bond to. GrandioSO inlays have approx. material cost of $20 per inlay; which is significant less than lab or cad-cam manufactured inlays. Clinicians can increase their profit or offer less expensive alternatives to their patients. 


All components contained in the kit are optimally matched and make it possible to extraorally fabricate inlays in just one appointment.  In addition to the tried and true award winning products GrandioSO, Futurabond DC, Bifix QM and Dimanto, the system kit also contains a new, specially developed VPS Die Silicone for the fabrication of model teeth in only 30 sec. The Die silicone is a high-definition material with high final hardness. Using conventional techniques, it produces realistic models that are ideal for use in the fabrication of inlays or temoraries. The composite inlay is created extraorally, according to the principles applying to the placement of fillings, and the restoration is then cemented into the cavity with Futurabond DC and Bifiix Q. The patient is thus treated with a high-quality composite inlay in just one appointment. 







VOCO America, Inc.

toll-free phone:1-888-658-2584




VOCO America, Inc., 555 Pleasantville Rd STE 120 NB, Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510


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