Monday, November 5, 2012

Twitter Creates Dynamic Election Map to Show Voter Engagement on State-to-State Level

Twitter Election Map.png
I'm telling you, technology is wonderful.  You just gotta love it.
This election cycle, Twitter is flexing its muscles to allow users to follow what is happening on the election front… in real time of course, which is one of the biggest advantages you get by hanging out in the Twittersphere.
There are many ways to use it to glean useful info, but I'll list just a few here so that you can get a rough idea:
  • Click on link to see the reactions a tweet created from voters
  • Keyword search to find tweets on certain topics
  • Ways to gauge the amount of engagement by voters in states.


I've nosed around the map a bit and I've got to admit that I'm impressed with what Twitter has pulled off with this.  Head on over to Twitter and give it a look.  I'll be taking a good long look at this throughout Tuesday.

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