Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Drone Takes Flight

Hexa Drone.jpg
As a diehard geek, I got my start with technology by tearing apart computers and putting them back together.  Back in the early days, I had adequate free time and every time I took something apart, I learned something about it.  I also learned through the time I spent breaking stuff and trying to make things do things they shouldn't be doing, that I loved trouble shooting.
In the early days of dental tech, I would be in my office late into the night taking things apart and seeing how they worked.  The counter tops in the back room were frequently covered with wires and all kinds of chips and spare parts.
As the tech boom continued and things got easier to work with… and more reliable, the need to take things apart down to the bolts became un-necessary.  However, I also missed those days of exploration.
Now, I have the bug back!  This fall I purchased a drone.  That's right an unmanned aerial vehicle is now in my home.  I had been reading about these things for a while and finally an article in Wired got my interest up to the point that I decided to jump in.  You can buy a drone fully assembled or just order the parts and build it yourself.  The DIY Drones website and community are an open source group that have dedicated themselves to flying both helicopter and plane type drone systems.
My system is now fully functioning and is in the process of making small "baby step" test flights.  These things have circuit boards that allow for GPS, auto stabilization, auto piloting, you name it.  I'll be purring up more info as I gain experience, but if you've ever wanted to fly, this is your chance!  I'm having a blast!

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