Thursday, November 8, 2012

Streamlining Adhesive Dentistry with Advanced Technologies & Techniques

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Next week, on Wednesday November 14th, I'll be giving my webinar lecture for Catapult University on "Streamlining Adhesive Dentistry with Advanced Technologies & Techniques".


This will be my third and final time to give this webinar, so if you've been thinking about listening in before and just haven't had the time, this is the one for you!  It's also a great way to experience some CE because you can do it from the comfort of wherever your computer happens to be.  That means no travel, no time out of the office, or time away from your family.


Catapult University does a really nice job with administering these events and you'll be seeing more and more of them in the future being given by some of the best educators in dentistry (and people that I'm honored to call my friends).  So even if you can't make my webinar or you're just looking for a different topic, make sure to check out the Catapult University website for details on all of the programs, both past and present.


Here are the details on my program.  You can register by going to the Catapult University site.


Course Description: 

Are you looking for options that can accelerate the operative procedures in your practice to a level you've only dreamed of achieving? Welcome to the new world! Through the use of advanced technologies, Dr. Flucke will teach you how to prep, place, and cure adhesive restorations quickly and predictably without sacrificing quality. By utilizing the most state of the art devices and techniques currently available, you'll learn how to create amazing, sensitivity free restoration faster than you ever thought possible. 

You Will Learn: 
  • Advantages of electric handpieces
  • Advantages of a highly filled bulk cure restorative
  • Understand the "why's" of curing