Monday, October 1, 2012

Thailand Flood Recovery Means Hard Drive Shipments have Returned

Hard Drive.jpg
Back in June, I reported here about the shortage of hard drives and how they were starting to recover from floods in Thailand in October 2011.
Well I'm happy now to tell you that statistics are now indicating that the manufacturing process for hard disk drives has rebounded with factories now cranking out hard drives like never before.  In fact, speculation is now that there will be more hard drives manufactured this year than ever before.  Estimates are as high as 524,000,000 hard drives will be created and installed in computers during 2012.  That means that not only has a record for manufacturing been set, but that it has exceeded the old record by a whopping 4.3 percent!
The amazing thing about this is that we've seen a change in the marketplace in the last few years with more and more tablets being sold and those devices don't even have a traditional spinning hard drive in them.  This means that despite the proliferation of iPads and other tablet based devices, there is still a whopping market out there for hard drive based computing.
That makes sense to me as I still think there are situations where a true PC is better than a tablet.  Trust me, I *love* tablets (I own three of them) but there are plenty of times that I prefer to sit here at the trusty MacBook Pro and do my necessary work.
Oh, and while I'm thinking about it, my story linked above from June still is holding true.  By that I mean that industry estimates for the cost of hard drives will not be down to previous prices until 2014.  Basically, while more drives will be created this year than ever before, there is still a high enough backlog of demand to keep prices higher for at least another year.  That's amazing too!


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