Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Red Bull Sponsored Daredevil Felilx Baumgartner to Skydive from the Edge of Space

Baumgartner Red Bull Jump.jpg
As a confirmed gadget guy and a geek, one of the things that I love is caffeine.  Of course, when it comes to that little chemical, who doesn't know Red Bull?  The company does a good job of marketing by keeping themselves in front of consumers' eyes through not only standard advertising, but by owning sports teams, Red Bull vehicles, and lots of other non-traditional marketing ideas.  One of the best ones I've see from any company, is the current Red Bull Startos Project.
In the early days of the Space Race, there was only one way to know if a human could survive ejecting from a vehicle at high altitude.  It required a human volunteer.  That person was Joe Kittinger and the experiment was called "Project Excelsior".  On August 16, 1960 he jumped from 102,800 feet and reached a speed of 614mph, which to this day is still the record speed for a human being in the atmosphere.  He was in free fall for 5 full minutes before the chute was deployed.
Today, Felix Baumgartner will attempt a jump from 120,000 feet.  He is hoping to break the sound barrier on the descent.  The scientific data that will be gleaned from this jump should be substantial.
I'm going to be following this as much as I can today, between patients and all the other things that go with being me.  If you'd like to follow along too, go to The Red Bull Stratos Web Page for all the details.


  1. Here are pix from the 1960 record setting jump

    See images of the record-setting 1960 skydive from the edge of space: http://flpbd.it/uAajN

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