Wednesday, October 24, 2012


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I've written about DDS Rescue before.  This is a flat out amazing device and is highly recommended.  The DDS Rescue device is a computer (pictured above) that plugs into your network.  A small program is installed on your server that allows the DDS Rescue device to find the server and connect to it.  The device then begins to backup your server onto its hard drive, creating bootable "images" that can literally give you access to your data even if the server is turned off or destroyed.
The device also takes this same info and sends it to The Cloud.  There it is stored on encrypted servers in a data storage facility that is secure and designed to be safe both from data theft as well as natural disaster.  If your server or, heaven forbid, your office is ever destroyed or taken offline you have access to your data whether it is from the device in office or from the data storage in The Cloud.
DDS Rescue runs 24/7 365 and not only backups, but verifies the backups as well… all with no intervention from any human being in your office.  As you all know, I travel a great deal doing lectures and consulting with manufacturers.  On the days I'm on the road, I sleep easier knowing DDS Rescue is on the case performing the backups and getting them offsite where they are safe.
At the ADA meeting last week, I was thrilled to hear the following announcement from the folks at Liptak.  They were thrilled, needless to say, and I was very happy for the dentists who will be able to relax now knowing that their data is safe.
I believe in this product and have had one in my office since summer 2011.  The panel of The Pride Technology Best of Class Awards was blown away by DDS Rescue when we met to vote last February.  The heart of the matter is this: Backing up can be hard to do.  It is also tedious, can be time consuming, and must be applied vigilantly.  The DDS Rescue device automates the process, verifies the data, and stores it in two locations.  It is flat out amazing (I know I said this in the second sentence of this post, but I repeated it here because it deserves repeating).
The device is now, as of the ADA Meeting, available from Patterson Dental and Benco Dental as well.  This means it is easy to acquire and backed by 2 great distributors.  Here is the press release from Patterson Dental which went out to those of us in the press on October 23.

St. Paul, MN (October 18, 2012) – Patterson Dental announces DDS Rescue, a business continuity solution that includes an onsite failover server, cloud backup and 24-hour system monitoring. DDS Rescue is designed to duplicate programs and data so that in the event of an issue (e.g., server failure, theft or a natural disaster), a dental practice can be back up and running in as little as 10 minutes through the use of the failover server, or the office can view patient information online if necessary. 
Patterson Dental is offering DDS Rescue to its customers in addition to its PattLock online backup system. “With multiple in-office and in-the-cloud backup solutions now available as part of Patterson’s best-in-class technology offering, practices can choose the best fit for their needs,” said Josh Killian, vice president of digital technologies. “Plus, we assist our customers in selecting the best option for their practice, so that in the unfortunate event of an issue, their data will be restored as quickly as possible.”
For more information or to order DDS Rescue, customers should contact their Patterson Dental territory representative, local Patterson branch or call 800.294.8504. 


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