Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dexis Announces Dexis Imaging Suite!

DEXIS Imaging Suite Software.jpg
On Friday night at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, I finally got a chance to see the Dexis Imaging Suite.  I walked away impressed with 3 different features that Dexis has included.
  1. DEXcosmetic: A full cosmetic imaging program that not only provides amazing examples of "what could be" for patients, but is also easy to use.  It lets the doctor or team member plan, simulate, and present full cosmetic procedures and tooth whitening treatments in just minutes.  Powerful, easy-to-use blending, matching, and sculpting tools allow for realistic results.  I saw a demonstration of whitening and replacing a missing tooth.  I came away impressed.
  2. DEXIS i-CAT Link: For offices with an i-CAT device or a 3D imaging device such as the Gendex CB-500 in my office, there is a way to access that data & those images from inside the Imaging Suite.  Seamlessly mange patient data and 3D images from i-CAT or i-CAT powered 3D scanners directly from within the DEXIS application.  For those of you who have compatible 3D imaging & hate clicks, this should be a great feature.
  3. iPad integration:  This was perhaps the biggest surprise of the evening.  The Dexis folks actually brought an iPad up on stage and demonstrated it live in front of the audience.  The functionality and speed was amazing.  Afterwards, I got a chance to test drive the iPad app and was just stunned by how great the images looked on the retina display.  The best part?  The app will be available in January from the App Store and it will be FREE!!!  The image below is from the demonstration & is a photo taken with my iPhone of the actual app in use on stage.  It's not the greatest picture but will help you get the idea…  If you are a Dexis customer, get ready!



Dexis iPad Image.JPG

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