Monday, September 24, 2012

Tips for Your Trips

As regular readers know, I spend a fair amount of time on the road.


My travels take me to lots of places and I spend way too much time trying to organize myself and my trips.  However, I have found a few techy ways to keep track of myself when I'm spending time in  hotels & airports.  Here are a few of the things I like & use:


  • TripIt: This website & app does a great job of keeping me organized with my flights.  I have the pro account, but there is also a free one as well.  When you receive an email confirmation from your airline, simply forward it to TripIt.  They will create an online itinerary for you and then place it into your Google calendar with no intervention on your part.  Tripit will send you text and email alerts about upcoming trips and also keep you informed of connections, etc while you travel.  Available for iOS & Android, it is highly recommended.
  • Evernote: This cloud based way to organize your life does a lot more for me than just help with travel, but I use it constantly when I'm on the road.  It allows you create nested folders to  hold all kinds of data.  I have a place in it just for travel and create a note area for every trip I take.  In it I put everything that relates to that particular trip including email correspondence, airline info, hotel info, you name it.  I use the Pro version which allows me to save all of my data offline on my different devices.  The free version requires an Internet connection.  I even use it to keep track of my receipts.
  • GateGuru:  This is an app that helps you negotiate and locate things at any airport you happen to be in.  Using the GPS function on your phone, this app will identify what airport you are in and has all the details about that particular airport that you would ever want.  Locate shops, restaurants, and everything else.  If you have ever gone through security only to realize the only good food is *outside* security, this app is for you!
  • FlightView: Nobody likes flight delays & nobody likes arriving at the airport to pick someone up only to find out their flight won't arrive for an hour or more.  That's where FlightView shines.  This app lets you see where a flight is in real time.  If you are wondering if your flight is onetime, this is the place to look.  If you are picking someone up, this is the way to see when to leave for the airport.  This one was recommended to me by a limo driver in Las Vegas who makes his living picking people up at the airport.  If counts on it, you should too.  They have a great website as well.

Just a few ways to make travel a little more tolerable.  Got any recommendations?  Add them in the comments.


  1. I like the app, Flight Tracker Pro. It integrates with your TripIt account so all of your flight information is already in there.

    The app will send you push notifications at 2h and 1h before your flight, and will also push gate changes or flight delays. The notifications use the double-ding sound from an airplane, so you fit right in at the gate. Many, many times, I hear the ding about 15 mins before scheduled boarding and I head right to the ticketing agent as I know a delay or change will be announced about a minute or two before they do.

  2. Awesome! That is definitely one I want to have with me too. Thanks for the comment Wade. Much appreciated!