Monday, September 10, 2012

The Aerofex Hover Vehicle is a Realilty

I saw this device pictured on the Fox News website and as a geek, I had to know more.
It turns out this device, made by Aerofex, is a prototype of a hovering transport system.
The idea is ingenious.  It basically combines the advantages of a hovercraft with the ease of use of a bicycle.
However, the company is mainly focussing on unmanned drones that can lift heavy objects.  The problem becomes flight efficiency since the rotor blades are ducted in the front and the back and the blades themselves are much shorter than that of a helicopter.  Shorter blades mean less efficiency and that means they are less able to haul heavy loads.
However, the company does feel that the platform could at some point be used for humans, which I find thrilling and fascinating.

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