Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Smartphones and Their Batteries - Our Love - Hate Relationship

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Last week, my office partner Kelly came to me with that look in her eyes.  We all know that look.  We've probably all given that look too.  It's the look that says, "I'm fed up with my phone and I can't take it anymore."
Her problem is with the battery life that her not quite 2 year old smartphone is providing.  We've all become slaves to the almighty Lithium-ion power cell (depicted above in an image from one of my favorite sites www.howstuffworks.com)
It seems that Kelly's  phone is already at a point where, even with an extended life battery, her phone cannot hold a charge for an entire day.
This can be a major nuisance to the average user, but when you are in health care, your phone becomes a lifeline of communication with your patients after hours.  A dead battery can seriously impact your availability.
So the question for many, many users has become, "why do we have all of this great technology that is constantly evolving, and yet battery technology seems to be lagging behind the growth curve?"
There are battery improvements in the pipeline, but it may be 2 years (one of we are lucky) before any of them make it to market.
I found a great article on Cnet that does a great job of teaching not only why batteries are still the weak link, but also the new battery ideas that we may see in the not too distant future.

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