Tuesday, September 11, 2012

SciCan Statim 500 G4 Now Undergoing Testing

Statim 5000 G4.jpg
The smart folks at SciCan are at it again.  They have just released the new G4 series of fast autoclaves and we'll be testing the model 5000 in our office.
What makes the G4  different is that it has Internet connectivity.  It can connect either directly via Ethernet or via an optional wireless networking attachment.
The device communicates with an online portal that is password protected and allows the doctor or service personnel to be able to see exactly what the unit is doing and how it is performing during sterilizing cycles.
It can also communicate with your designated repair department to alert them when problems arise and can help prevent down time by alerting for repairs before the situation becomes critical.
We've owned an older Statim 2000 unit for about 5 years now and are excited to give the new 5000 G4 a shakedown cruise.  I'll report back as things develop.

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