Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S IV Rumored to be Released in March

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Ah the constant of the product life cycle continues to give heartburn to both marketers and consumers alike.


You know as fast as you can buy the latest and greatest gadget, Moore's Law spins around and delivers something even better by the time your credit card statement shows up with the charges for the last  gadget you bought.


So it is with smartphones.  The iPhone 5 was just announced with all kinds of fanfare recently… in fact I'm pretty sure some fanboys have already pitched tents in front of some Apple stores...


Now, hot on the heels of the Apple announcement comes Samsung (can't these guys ever get along?) with rumors (granted they are just rumors) of the next generation Galaxy smartphone, the Galaxy S IV.  According to a story in the Korea Times the new Galaxy will be available in March 2013 and will have a 5 inch screen.


Samsung is famous for cranking out top of the line phones in record time, frequently replacing their best devcies in less than a year.  This would definitely keep with that cycle.


The only constant is change… and there will probably be some way of selling your formerly greatest smartphone, but that reminds me of the old textbook buyback programs when I was in college.  I really just showed my age with that comment, didn't I?

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