Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Patterson Acquired Iowa Dental Supply

If you follow my Twitter feed (you can subscribe by clicking on the Twitter link that is in the right hand column and down a bit on this page) then you heard from me last week or so about Patterson acquiring Iowa Dental Supply.


I got the word from a source who is "in the know" in the industry but prefers to remain anonymous.  However, Patterson has now begun notifying folks in earnest about the acquisition.  Here is the press release from Patterson about the purchase:


Patterson Dental Acquires Iowa Dental Supply, ...
September 11, 2012
Patterson Dental has acquired Iowa Dental Supply, a full-service dental distributor based in Des Moines.

Patterson Dental has acquired Iowa Dental Supply, a full-service dental distributor based in Des Moines.

Iowa Dental Supply (IDS) provided supplies, equipment and technology primarily to dental practices in Iowa. IDS extended its reach over the years through branch offices in Sioux Falls, S.D. and Omaha, Neb., and representatives serving customers in Missouri and Illinois.

“IDS has grown to a prominent position in the Midwest dental market and, like Patterson, has knowledgeable employees who have earned the trust of loyal customers,” Patterson Dental President Paul Guggenheim said. “Through our combined operations within the Patterson Dental Des Moines Branch, dental practices will benefit from additional technology and product offerings that continue to set the standard for the patient experience and practice lifestyle. We are excited to have Iowa Dental join the Patterson Dental organization. IDS will strengthen the competitive position of Patterson Dental in several of our Midwestern markets.”

IDS has been family owned and operated since it was founded in 1935 in Des Moines. Brothers Rick and Mike Cacciatore are the third generation of the Cacciatore family to lead the business. A transition plan is in place for Rick Cacciatore to manage Patterson’s North Central Region, replacing Rich Kochmann, who announced his retirement in May. Cacciatore served as president of IDS for the past 12 years and has spent more than 30 years in the dental industry.

“The addition of IDS employees, our closely aligned cultures and our shared focus on taking care of the customer is great news for dental teams across the Midwest,” Guggenheim said.

About Patterson Dental
Patterson Dental, a leading distributor of dental products, equipment and technology in the U.S. and Canada, serves as the largest business in the progressive, global Patterson Companies (Nasdaq: PDCO) family of businesses. Patterson is committed to creating value for customers through products, services and lasting relationships. Dental professionals who partner with Patterson enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that come with relying on one trusted source for everything they need.

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