Sunday, September 23, 2012

Map Problems Plague Apple in iOS 6

Apple Map Problem.jpg
What you are seeing is not a melted water color nor a Salvador Dali painting.  No, it is an example I located of an image from the Apple Maps portion of the new iOS 6.
In June, Apple announced that they were moving away from using Google Maps on iOS devices and instead, with the release of iOS 6, Apple would be using its own mapping software.
The problem is, it takes a lot of time to make really good mapping software and it seems that Apple just didn't have the time.  Consequently, since the release of iOS 6 on Wednesday… and especially since the iPhone 5 hit the market on Friday, there have been tons of complaints and images online about just how poorly the new Apple Maps is performing.
Besides having "melted" images like the one above, the software seems to be having trouble location lots of addresses and landmarks.  It also seems to be having trouble with all kinds of public transportation.
The easy workaround?  Just go to Google Maps and put a shortcut to it on your screen.  That way you always have it available.
I''m sure that Apple will get this fixed, but it reminds me of when they went live with MobileMe and it was a terrible failure.  The story goes that Jobs  himself called a meeting in the Apple auditorium with the entire MobileMe team and asked them, "Can anybody tell me what MobileMe does?"
One unlucky individual raised his hand and began to explain only to be cut off by Jobs who responded, "Then why the **** doesn't it DO it??!!!!!"
One has to wonder what the late Mr. Jobs would have to say about this debacle...

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