Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kindle Paperwhite is Coming - See the Technology Now


In the next month Amazon is planning on releasing its latest Kindle product, called the Kindle Paperwhilte.


The device is "similar" to the Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch With Glowlight, but from what I'm hearing, it takes it to a brand new level.


The device *should* be available October 22 if you order now with the most affordable version listing at $119.  


The advantages are pretty amazing.  The screen is supposed to be as easy to read in direct sunlight as it is in the dark.  That alone is pretty darn sweet, in my opinion.  But y ou follow that up with the fact that the device is incredibly thin, has a better screen than any Kindle that has come before it, and from what I understand a pixel resolution about 25% better than previous versions and you have the best Ereader on the market today.


The video above is designed to explain just what went into the the Paperwhite and watching it does a much better job than just having me sit here and type about it.  So give the video a view.  I think you'll come away impressed.  I sure was, especially with the way they creatively figured out a way to light the display from the front which has always been something screen devices have been trying to create.

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