Friday, September 14, 2012

Beam Brush is now Available for Pre-Order

Beam Brush order.jpg
Beam Brush, the manual toothbrush that communicates with smartphones is now available for pre-ordering.
The device works with both iOS and Android phones.  The device can transmit data to phones so that you can monitor brushing by yourself or your children and the info can also be transmitted back to the dental office.
Here is the info from the website:
Beam Tech has officially opened pre-orders for the Beam Brush on our website !  For a limited time, customers will enjoy an early bird special price of $34.99 per unit for online orders.  The Beam Brush works on both the Android and IPhone platforms, and users can choose between blue and pink for their brush.  Adult and child replacement heads are available and cost just $3.99.  The Beam App is free and allows users to display brushing behavior for multiple people,  change brush heads efficiently,  and create brushing goals to make your oral care more exciting!  The expected delivery date for all orders is November.

Visit to get yours today.

Now is the best time to Brush Smart!

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