Monday, September 17, 2012

A Huge Thanks to the Ohio Dental Association!!!

There were no posts on Saturday or Sunday as I was traveling and recovering from the Ohio Dental Association's Annual Session.


It's held in beautiful downtown Columbus, OH and if  you haven't ever been there, you really owe it to  yourself to see it.  Columbus is a beautiful city with an amazing 30's-40's feel and charm to it.  Lots of brick buildings, lots of cool small stores and shops.  Of course, there are also lots of friendly and warm people to go along with it all.


I had some great food, good times, and loved every minute of it.


Also, my biggest "Thanks" to the folks at the Ohio Dental Association that made the meeting possible.  They did an amazing job.  The meeting is incredibly well run and organized.  I'm always amazed that meetings of this size can be so well organized given the constant number of "moving parts', but the good folks at the ODA made it look really easy and almost effortless.


My biggest compliments are to the A/V folks that the ODA provided.  While I don't normally need too much help with connecting into the system and getting set up, I averaged a minimum of 3 A/V professionals per lecture that checked in on me during set up time just to make sure that everything was going as it should.  These guys rocked!


It was a fun couple of days where I covered advances in bonded restorations, day to day technology to improve your practice, and clinical applications of diode lasers with a hands-on component.


Thanks too, to all the kind people who came to my lectures and made being in Columbus so much fun.  I'm always  honored when someone takes the time out of their life to come spend some time with me!


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