Monday, August 13, 2012

Wireless Charging is Coming to Intel Ultrabooks & Smartphones… Looks to be in Late 2013

We've all become accustomed to induction charging over the years…. even if you've never heard of it.  The most common place you see it in my world is with powered toothbrushes like the SoniCare Flexcare pictured above.  The idea is pretty simple.  The device sits on a charging stand that allows charging directly through plastic with no exposed contacts, nothing for the device to plug into, zip, nada.  Basically you get the device close to the charger and the charging process happens.  Without going into great geek detail, that's the process.
This type of charging has been developing and getting more mainstream recently.  In addition to my SoniCare, I also own 2 Powermat systems that I use all the time and really like.  Induction charging is easy and reliable.  Now, however, the concept of true "wireless charging" is starting to make inroads.  The idea is just get a chargeable device in range charging starts.  No need for actual physical contact between the device & the charger (which is what is needed for induction charging - more or less).
So, I was intrigued to see an article from Digitimes that discussed Intel is looking at bringing the idea of wireless charging to some of its laptops & smartphones.  The idea is that the ultra book would be the source of the power and would be able to charge a nearby smartphone.  As long as the phone is "in the area" of the computer, it will charge, but doesn't need to be in a specific spot or resting on any type of device.
I've got to admit, the idea is really intriguing and incredibly cool.  Imagine just laying your phone down next to your laptop and seeing the charging process start!  How amazing would that be?
Rumors are availability will be in the second half of 2013.  It can't come soon enough for  me!

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