Friday, August 24, 2012

Wallpaper May Hold Key to Protecting Your Wifi From Hackers

WiFi Wallpaper.png
WiFi really is pretty much everywhere nowadays.  Heck drive around your neighborhood with your phone open to its WiFi connection screen and just watch as access points pop up as you drive along.  We've become a society hooked on the easy and speedy wireless standard… and it will only continue.
The problem?  Despite security protocols designed to prevent hacking, given enough time someone with access to your WiFi signal can probably gain access.  It seems the only way to protect your signal is to *not have* a signal, and that, of course, is exactly what makes WiFi so great for the user.
So what can you do?  Well, soon some scientists in France may be able to solve your problem with… wait for it… wallpaper!
Yup, the idea is wallpaper that is covered with an ink that is imbedded with silver particles.  Amazingly this ink blocks Wifi from getting in or out, but won't block cell phone signals.
Amazing?  You bet.  Heck with something like that, you might even be able to convince me to redecorate.
If you can read French or want to translate the page, here is the story, en Francais:

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