Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Smart Autoclaves are On the Horizon...

SciCan Statim G4.jpg
For years now, those in health care who have a need for rapid sterilization procedures have turned to SciCan.  The company's Statim line of autoclaves are well known as the gold standard when it comes to rapid and reliable sterilization.  The Statim line can actually deliver instruments ten times faster than conventional chamber style autoclaves.
In my office, we currently run 2 MIdMark M11 chamber devices and one Statim 2000.  We use the MidMark units for the routine "bread and butter" and have the Statim for when we need something in a hurry.  Frequently this means sterilizing something like a laser or electric handpiece that are in constant demand clinically.
Now, comes the 4th Generation of Statim with an interesting new capability… Internet connectivity.  The new G4 series comes with an Ethernet port and can plug directly into your office network (for those who don't have Ethernet access near their autoclaves a wireless module is available as well).  This connection allows the Statim G4 to communicate with service  personnel that you designate to monitor.  The idea is for the device to be able to detect when a problem is coming and ask for service before the problem occurs.

It also allows your designated service department to connect remotely, if need be, to monitor the system and help troubleshoot without the delay in sending a service tech to the office.  Should the problem require a technician, this ensures the  proper parts can be loaded on the service vehicle.  In the long run, this should increase uptime for the office and decrease the potential for needing offsite repairs.
The device also features a USB port in the front that will allow the doctor or staff to download information regarding all cycles run to a jump drive.
We'll be putting the new G4 4000 through its paces in our office in the very near future.  I'm really excited to see how the Internet connection performs and to see how the  new device works in the practice.
There are a lot of companies out there working on devices with similar connectivity, with some already on the market.  This will be the first one I've gotten my hands on.  This should be fun!

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  1. “The idea is for the device to be able to detect when a problem is coming and ask for service before the problem occurs.”---- Having this innovative autoclave will allow you to quickly verify proper operation and get fast and accurate results. And since it has a USB port, you will be able to store and record necessary reports. In fact, there are handy autoclaves out there that come with a printer as well, allowing you keep both a hard and soft copy for future reference.

    Carmella Eaglin