Thursday, August 30, 2012

Garrison sues CompositeSmart for breach of contract, misappropriation of trade secrets

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Garrison Dental Solutions, LLC has filed a suit in Michigan state court against Mr. John Boos and CompositeSmart, LLC, alleging breach of contract, misappropriation of trade secrets, common law and statutory conversion, and breach of federal trademark law. The lawsuit states that Mr. Boos, a former operations manager at Garrison, was present at meetings in which key elements of new designs were discussed. Those key elements are now in products being offered by CompositeSmart, LLC. Moreover, the suit alleges that Mr. Boos was working to launch his start-up company to sell directly competitive products, and subsequently took Garrison’s property and information six months prior to his departure from the company in violation of his employment contract. Garrison is suing CompositeSmart in order to protect its investment in its product development technologies.

Garrison revolutionized the process of Class II composite restorations with the introduction of theComposi-Tight© sectional matrix system to the dental industry in 1997, and has had a steady stream of sectional matrix innovations over the past decade. Composi-Tight offers distinct clinical benefits, such as reduced flash and finishing time while improving interproximal contacts, delivering an improved method of placing direct composite restorations. Furthermore, the suit alleges that the name CompositeSmart is designed to suggest that its products are related to Garrison’s Composi-Tight line of products. The Composi-Tight ring and band technology is a competitive advantage to Garrison in the marketplace and Garrison intends to defend itself against any illegitimate competition.

“Garrison has a long history of innovation in the sectional matrix market, providing unique restorative solutions to dentists for over 16 years and protecting our innovations is a serious affair,” said Mr. Thomas Garrison, managing partner of Garrison Dental Solutions. “By filing this lawsuit against CompositeSmart, we are taking steps to protect our future business and reputation in the dental industry.”

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