Monday, August 20, 2012

Dent-Chew Brush, LLC announces the receipt of a “Notice of Allowance” from the USPTO



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 15, 2012 12:13 P.M. (GMT – 4:00)

John H. Gallagher, Jr., Managing Member Dent-Chew Brush, LLC

Dent-Chew Brush, LLC announces the receipt of a “Notice of Allowance” from the USPTO.

Product Benefits - The Dent-Chew Brush is a single-use toothbrush that brushes the teeth, gingival margin, and the tongue, dissolves, and then is completely ingested due to its gelatin (or foodstuff) composition. The Dent-Chew Brush provides two primary benefits: immediate Oral Hygiene by cleansing the mouth and a Delivery System for vitamins, therapeutics, medications, and microencapsulated vaccines for populations throughout the developing world.

Haverford, PA, USA – Dent-Chew Brush, LLC a Pennsylvania-based licensing firm, announced on August 15, 2012 its receipt of a “Notice of Allowance” from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office allowing for the issuance of a patent on the Dent-Chew Brush. The Dent-Chew Brush is comprised of a gelatin formulation and designed similarly to a double mouthpiece, containing a dentifrice with Xylitol and 800 plus bristles that brush the teeth, gingival margin, and the tongue. Because it is consumable, it provides for the discretionary use in a myriad of circumstances, delivering an oral cleansing never seen before outside of the traditional methods that require a toothbrush, toothpaste, and potable water.

With the primary benefits of Oral Hygiene and a functional Delivery System, the Dent-Chew Brush has two distinctly different global markets. The domestic market includes the average consumer and traveler, military troops (packaged in MRE’s), institutional and government use by hospitals, prisons, and FEMA, etc. The largest U. S. market, however is the 31 million “at risk children” who receive meals at school and are three times more likely to have untreated caries. This national dilemma represents 66% of the U.S. student population, severely impacted by poor oral health that in time leads to other documented life-threatening systemic health risks. The low cost Dent-Chew Brush for this segmented use, estimated at .20¢ (per unit) on the tray, would promote Oral Hygiene and provide about 5 grams of protein that is inherent to the material formulation, all at a critical time and point of access to these children.

The international secondary market includes populations that number in the billions throughout developing nations where Oral Hygiene is of importance but in some cases even outweighed by the need for an effective Delivery System. When an “Active” is included in a product that produces an instant gratification such as a clean mouth, that singular motivation can help to ensure a time-regimented delivery of therapeutics.


Dent-Chew Brush, LLC faced considerable headwinds during the years of equity funded R&D and a “Patent Pending” status. However, despite the uncertainty of some onlookers, members of Congress saw potential. Notably, Congressman Patrick Meehan (R-PA) introduced the Dent- Chew Brush and delivered product samples to Congressman Elijah E. Cummings (D-MD). This evolved into a bipartisan effort joined by other members of the House and Senate in pursuit of NIH funding to sponsor R&D to provide limited product production, to be followed by efficacy testing.

Dent-Chew Brush, LLC also had collaborative partners in The Creighton University School of Dentistry and The University of Maryland School of Dentistry who joined the NIH application for funding. Dr. Mark A. Latta, Dean of Creighton University School of Dentistry, authored the protocol for testing efficacy. Dr. Douglas M. Barnes, DDS, MS, Professor and Chief of the Division of General Dentistry Director, Advanced Education in General Dentistry at The University of Maryland School of Dentistry was asked to join the funding effort by Dr. Latta in order to proved two separate sites and populations in testing for efficacy. Although unsuccessful at that time, it is the intent that such testing of the Dent-Chew Brush will clearly define a new dental space in the advancement of Oral Hygiene.

Features of the Dent-Chew Brush include:

Healthful Innovation: the toothbrush made of food ... that you ingest!

•Shaped as double mouthpiece,theD-CBcontains800+/- bristles and is a single-use toothbrush

  • Provides 60-90 seconds of utility,and thereafter dissolves and can be ingested or disposed

  • Separate reservoirs are located on the horizontal plane between the bites that contain dentifrice which is released upon compression

  • Bristles are set at 45° to the gum line providing perfectly positioned bristles (ADA recommended)

  • The bristles brush the teeth, gingival margin, and tongue

  • A frontal port enables breathing in the event of congestion

  • Comprised of Gelatin and other GRAS materials

  • Serves as a Delivery System for various Actives when consumed

  • Water soluble and bio-degradable

  • Comes in different flavors and sizes for both adults and children

  • 24 times the surface contact area in comparison to the traditional brushes

  • Contains Xylitol

  • “Notice of Allowance” has been issued by the USPTO for design and material formulation

    In preparation of this release, the Managing Member and Inventor John Gallagher, was asked what stood out in his mind looking back on the years of effort to acquire a U.S. Patent. He responded, “First would be the willingness of Roman Bielski, Ph.D. (co-inventor) to work on the material formulation needed to achieve the end objectives when there was no money. Second would be the first three investors who brought funding and Fortune 500 “C” level expertise.


However, on a personal level, it is the realization of a concept born out of being an Army Medic and serving on an amputee ward during the Vietnam War era that brings it full circle. The dream that every wounded warrior could brush her/his teeth without assistance is what it was all about.”

The Dent-Chew Brush is the world's only U. S. patented toothbrush that dissolves and is totally ingested after it brushes your teeth, gingival margin and tongue. In the developing world’s population, it can serve as a Delivery System for vitamins, therapeutics, medications, and potentially microencapsulated vaccines. The product is fully biodegradable and has been designed to carry a price within reach of every human’s needs.

For additional information, contact:

John H. Gallagher, Jr. Managing Member Dent-Chew Brush, LLC 610-520-9941



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