Saturday, August 25, 2012

Could an Apple iPad Mini be on the Horizon… Like September?

It seems the website has received images that it says are of the much rumored iPad Mini.
Even though Steve Jobs wasn't fond of devices that fell between the iPad and the iPod form factors, there *are* consumers out there that have held out for any number of reasons.  I mean there is a certain segment of the market that just isn't going to spend the kind of money it takes to own an iPad.  Those same people, however, may well see the value if the device was at a better price point.  Some others would probably like to have the an Apple device, if only the size was a better fit for their lifestyle.  However, just because these market segments exist, doesn't mean that this product is real.  The Internet is always serving up new rumors on new Apple hardware.
The rumors surrounding this one are a 1024x768 screen, which should be under 8 inches, and will have a price that is sub $300.
Is it real?  Who knows.  I originally thought the iPad wouldn't catch on...

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