Thursday, August 2, 2012

Amazon Upgrades Cloud Player & Couples an Offer with Cloud Drive

I"ve been using Amazon's Cloud Player since its inception to both backup and play my tracks.  Amazon allows any track not encrypted with some type of security format to be stored on their servers.  Purchases from the Amazon music store are automatically added to your Cloud Drive, but you can download them directly to your computer if you'd like.  As an Amazon Prime Member, I was initially given room to store all of my music (which is almost 90 GB of tunes).
I quickly became a huge fan of Cloud storage of my music.  I know my collection is backed up and that I can also access my music from any device with an Internet connection.
Today I received word from Amazon that their policy is changing somewhat.  They are now going to begin to charge for storage from customers like myself who have large music collections.  I can't blame them, they are storing my music and that means costs.  I'm certainly willing to pay my fair share.  The change also comes with an upgrade.  Amazon also is willing to convert every track I store to a 256 Kbps audio rate, which is much better quality than what I rip CD's at or what many of my purchased tracks were purchased at.
They are also pairing Cloud Player with their new Cloud Storage system which means by paying for Cloud Player, I get a Cloud Storage of 50 GB for free.
Here is all the info from the Amazon email.  This service is *highly* recommended.

We've Made Improvements to Cloud Player

When you sign into the updated Cloud Player, we'll upgrade your music to high-quality 256 Kbps audio at no additional charge.

We've also made it easier to get your music from your computer to Cloud Player. We'll match your songs to Amazon's 20 million song catalog. All songs we match - even music purchased from iTunes or ripped from CDs - are instantly made available in Cloud Player.

Plus, MP3 songs and albums you purchase from Amazon - even those you purchased in the past - will be automatically saved to Cloud Player, which means you'll have a secure backup copy of the music you buy at Amazon, free of charge. Learn more.

Your Account Is Changing

You've been enjoying a free promotional subscription to Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player. After it ends, you will be limited to 250 imported songs in Cloud Player.

Customers who are over that limit and close to expiration receive 30 days to test out our new features. Once you log in, you have 30 days to enjoy your music, everywhere. If you'd like to keep using Cloud Player for free, remove songs from your 'Imported' playlist until your library is below the 250 song limit before the 30 days are up. At the end of the 30-day free upgrade, if you have more than 250 imported songs in Cloud Player, you will not be able to play your previously imported music in Cloud Player - but you can start fresh and re-import up to 250 songs. Music you imported before July 24th will remain stored in Cloud Drive.

When you upgrade to Cloud Player Premium for $25 per year, you can import up to 250,000 songs. Upgrade before your promotional subscription ends and get 50 GB of Cloud Drive storage at no additional cost. Learn more.

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