Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pandigital Handheld Scanner


In case you didn't know this, let me state it right here for all to see and read:  I have a strong dislike for paper.

Even before I took my office chartless back in the late 90's, I had figured out that getting rid of paper and storing things digitally was much more efficient and helped greatly decrease stacks of paper that I still needed to deal with.

Unfortunately, as my career has grown and expanded (especially with my second "jobs" of lecturer, consultant, and Technology Editor for Dental Products Report), more and more paper has begun to clog my life.  I have the office pretty well streamlined from the paper perspective and I'm very happy with it.  However, there are still things I "need to get to" on paper that have to sit for a while.

A lot of this is a function of what I do as my principle occupation.  As a practicing dentist, my primary responsibility is the well-being of my patients. This means that I don't have a lot of free time to sit at my desk and read/review pieces of paper as they arrive. The more common scenario is for me to stack these types of documents in hopes of “getting to them” sometime in the future and then leaving my desk to go provide care to my patients.

Of course, this doesn't mean that the stacks are reviewed nearly as frequently or is completely as I would like. The other drawback is that because the stacks actually occupy physical space, they are difficult to move and are certainly not portable. Frequently this means the stacks stay on my desk at work because they are too bulky and cumbersome to transfer back and forth from my home office to my dental office. Because of this, the paper remains in the one physical location in my life that is the busiest in providing the least amount of time to get to them.

If only there was a way that I could quickly and easily digitize these documents whenever one presented itself to me!

Enter the Pandigital Handheld Wand Scanner. The scanner, shown in the video above, was pretty much designed and marketed for exactly what I'm trying to accomplish. With my schedule, I'm frequently “all over the place” with no one set place where I accomplish my tasks. This means I could be at my dental office, my home office, and airport, a hotel room, a convention center lecture room, or heck even a Starbucks. The device is extremely portable and fits easily into my laptop bag. This allows me to take the scanner anywhere that I can work.

Because the device is rechargeable it doesn't require AC power and because it has a memory card it doesn't even require connection to a computer. This highly portable footprint allows me to scan wherever I am, even without a computer! Then, I can simply transfer the images to my Mac whenever I get the chance and then read and review them when I have time.

One of the other nice things is that since I now have  Cloud Storage through both Google and Amazon I can upload the images from any computer and put them in the Cloud. Then, I can access them from my  MacBook Pro, desktop PC, iPhone, or one of my tablets. This truly makes my workflow digital and allows me to access it wherever I want to. Before, I was forced to bend my workflow to the bottleneck of the papers physical limitations. Now those limitations are a thing of the past!

If you're looking for a way to streamline your life and eliminate “stacks” I highly recommend the Pandigital device.

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  1. I agree. Most the companies I have worked with doesn't like papers at all. They usually store everything in Google docs and you can view the same anytime and in any place you want. Even my chandler cosmetic dentist only uses papers for new clients or patient's records. Thanks for sharing your video!