Monday, July 23, 2012

Is Google Attempting to Improve Gmail on iOS Devices? It's Starting to Appear that Way...


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If you have any iOS device *and* you have a Gmail account,  you may have been less then pleased with the experience.  I mean, it's better than having to access your Gmail account through the browser, but not a whole lot better.


Now comes news. that an improvement in the user experience may not be too far away.


The company Sparrow has been around since February 2011 and has made quite a name for itself by creating email programs for both OS X (the main Mac OS) and iOS (which runs the portable Apple devcies).  While not a company that has been around a long time, Sparrow still built quite a following rather quickly.  The real buzz for Google users is that Google purchased Sparrow on Friday.


What does this mean?  Well obviously it's speculation at this point in time, but Google purchasing a company that has made a tremendous impact in the realm of email for Macs looks like the Gmail for iOS interface is due for a tremendous upgrade.


If you area  current Sparrow user on your iPhone, you might be interested in this tidbit I found in the App Store today: "Sparrow has been acquired by Google.  As the team works on new projects, there will be  no new features released for the Sparrow apps, other than minor maintenance and bug fixes."


Personally I'm looking forward to my Gmail upgrade.  If I'm already a Sparrow user, well I might be a bit bummed.

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