Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!!!

Eagle Stars & Stripes.jpeg
Every Thanksgiving holiday here in the US (late November for those of you who are international readers), I try to spend a little extra time creating a post that details what I'm truly thankful for.  However July 4th, Independence Day here in the US, could also easily get a similar approach from me.
My good friend Dr. Dan Fischer is fond of saying "Fischer's been a lucky guy" and I love him for that simple expression.  And… like him, I feel that "Flucke's been a lucky guy".  
I've been lucky to be surrounded by good people.  You know, good parents, good family, good teachers and friends throughout my education as a youth.  Good friends & good teachers throughout my professional career.  Good wife, good family, good team at the office.  Everywhere I go, I just feel lucky.
However, before any of that… I was lucky by the Grace of God to have been born in the finest country in the world.  Make no mistake, this is just plain luck, but I am extremely and eternally grateful to my God for putting me here.
I'm also more grateful than I can express for all of you who have done all that you've done to ensure the creation, survival, and stability of this great nation.
Independence Day is a holiday that encompasses a lot of things.  We have Memorial Day to remember all of those who have served the nation by service in the Armed Forces, so I look upon July 4th as the holiday to honor *everyone who has done or is doing anything in service of the United States*.  Basically I mean anyone from The Founding Fathers in the 1700's to civil servants of today.  Anyone who has ever worked at something to make our great country even greater deserves a shout out today.
Everyone of you has done your part to help, and I appreciate it.  Yes, "Flucke's been a lucky guy".  And I attribute a lot of that luck and opportunity to all of you for making this country great and allowing me all of the opportunities I've been lucky enough to have.
So while you're shooting those fireworks today, pause and think about the fact that those mini-explosions are actually a reminder of war, danger, and of sacrifice.  And remember, sacrifice for the country isn't always about being shot at (although that certainly happens).  It can also be the sacrifice of an FBI team working late and being away from their families.  It can be an FAA employee putting in overtime to ensure our skies and planes are operating safely.  It can be so many things, and we need to be thankful for them all!


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