Friday, July 27, 2012

Google Debuts 1-Gigabit Internet Connections in Kansas City

A couple of years ago, Google announced the creation of the "next generation" Internet via a contest.   The winner?  The city of Kansas City, KS.
Since that time, folks in this part of the world have anxiously awaited the availability of the service… and now it's here.  The bi-directional 1 Gigabit service not only can provide an Internet connection, but can also deliver television in a package Google is calling IPTV.
The service is quite available just yet, but should be in the not too distant future.  At this point, Google is saying they will begin hooking up neighborhoods when about 10% of homes in a neighborhood have signed up.
The service offers no caps to the bandwidth and will also include 1 Terabyte (which is 1000 Gigabytes) of Google storage for all the things you want to store in the cloud.
Pairing this with the TV service that offers a DVR with 2 Terabytes of storage and video on demand and this thing seems like an absolute winner.
My only lament is that I don't live close enough to the target area to get it myself… yet.  I'm certainly hoping that the service will continue to expand into the KC metro area and will soon approach my home and business.
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